Ganier Micellar Cleansing Water: Worth the hype?

Well, yes! Here are 5 reasons why I believe that the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is worth the hype...

1) It removes make-up with ease - even water proof make up.
2) Good for sensitive skin - The water-like formula is so gentle and brilliant for sensitive skin. It really seems like it is just water.
3) Leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed and clean.
4) Pretty packaging - I really love the packaging of this and the cute, pink bottle lid.
5) Good value for money - I got this for £3.99 in boots, although it is usually £4.99. I think this is amazing value for money as the product actually works and 400ml is going to last a long time.
Please feel free to leave any thoughts inn the comments below!


  1. I haven't heard of this product but I'm so excited to find it in stores! ;) Looks like such a great product :)

    Every Day In Grace

  2. I've heard SO many good things about this and I seem to be adding more and more products to my must buy list hahaha :)

    Layla xx


  3. I love this micellar water, and it's quite a bargain as well. I find it also doesn't make your skin greasy after using it. Which is another bonus xx

  4. Heard so many good things about this, but never got round to buying it yet! Great blog btw xx


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