Birthday Nandos and Presents!

 Yesterday it was my 17th Birthday (I now have a laptop, phew) so I went shopping and out to Nandos with my friends. I didn't actually buy anything and was surprised by the lack of nice clothes in the shops at the moment!  In Nandos I thought the toilets were particularly cool so I took a picture as you can see!-They even had music playing in them. I got some really lovely presents from my friends including The Real Techniques make up brushes (which are amazing), some cute candle holders and coffee syrups. 


My Laptop Exploded and A Levels!

Hi, I haven't posted for almost 2 weeks, the main reason being that my laptop screen decided to explode (no more essay writing for me) and also because I have been doing the first half term of sixth form! I will have a laptop after the 28th (my birthday ) woo! so there will 100% be more blog posts coming soon!!! I promise! Thanks!


3 reasons to love autumn

1. Nature!
I went for a jog the other day and couldn't help notice how pretty the sky looks on autumn evenings. As well as the sky looking particularly colourful, I love how the trees turn gorgeous shades of orange and red,; I love the smell of rain and even the darker evenings.

2. Candles!
I love candles , they create such a cosy atmosphere on a dark, cold evening. As well as this they look really pretty and smell amazing too. I got the candle pictured from Homebase for £4 and it has a 120 hour burning time. The scent its 'cinnamon spice' which smells amazing and is so autumny!

3. Fashion!
I love love love the fashion in Autumn, in fact it is my favourite season for fashion -  The big wool coats, the knitted jumpers, the woolly socks and ankle boots, the darker colours. Ahh I just love it! This picture was taken in Topshop, everything looks so lovely and cosy!

Leave a comment to let me know what your favourite thing about autumn is!


17th Birthday Wishlist!

Hi everyone!
I love October not only because it's the beginning of autumn (which means Halloween parties, coats, and candles!) But also because it is my birthday month , woo!
So, here is my birthday wishlist for this year.

1.  Aloe Moisturiser by The Body Shop - £11. I love basically all of The Body Shop  products, and as my current moisturiser is running out fast, this 5 star product with over 300 reviews is something I would love to try out!

2. Redken Shampoo - around £10, I have recently cut my hair quite short (as you can see in a recent instagram pic) and I really want to start looking after it properly. My hair is dyed and I wash it daily so I need to make sure it stays in good condition! Even though it is quite expensive for a shampoo, it does seem to make all the 'top 10' shampoo lists, so hopefully it is as good as people say!

3 Coat by Zara - £69.99 - colder weather = new coat! I loveee this coat, it looks soo cosy! Last year my coat was a faux fur lined parka from Zara and the quality and warmth was amazing. I defiantly want another coat from Zara this year.

4 Naked Palette - £37 - The naked palette 2 has been on my wishlist forever! The colours look gorgeous and urban decay's eye shadows are known for their great quality.

5 Boots by Topshop - £40 I absolutely love boots! Ankle boots are another great thing about autumn- in fact maybe even the best thing, and you can never own enough pairs right?!

6 White Musk Parfum by The Body Shop - £14 - The Body Shop's fragrances are always spot on! I get loads of compliments for their coconut one especially!

7 Shea Shower Cream by The Body Shop - £4 - because they smell soo nice !

8 Tea Tree Oil by the body shop £7 -  this product is raved about and I really want to try it out!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave any thoughts in the comments below! Thanks!


Cushion Haul!

 Hello :-)
Here are some cushions that I got for my bedroom last week. I sort of love cushions, especially at this time of year. They are so cosy and pretty..hehe,
Anyway, all these cushions are from Dunelm. The first two cushions were in the sale at £6 each and I love the pattern and the pop of mustard colour. The second heart cushion adds some texture and cost £10. And finally the little pillow-shaped cushions with the cute leafy patterns cost £8.99 each.
 As you can probably tell my room is very pink/cream themed and these cushions go perfectly!
Let me know any thoughts in the comments below. 
I will try and post more often ..promise!


September's Sixth Form Fashion Wishlist

Hi everyone! I haven't posted for agesss.. and the reason why? In a word (or two) Sixth Form. 
So it seems to make sense that this blog post was a bit sixth form inspired for anyone else who is busy studying at school. A great thing about Sixth Form is that most places in the UK, we no longer have to wear uniform, but sometimes it can be difficult to find something to wear! So here are a few ideas if anyone would like a little help with some inspiration! I really really love all the items here, let my know what you think!

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Bedroom Accessories Haul!

At the moment I am in the process of completely transforming my bedroom so I have been collecting cute little accessories that just add that little extra detail and personal touches which bring a bedroom space to life. When my bedroom is completely finished in the next few weeks I will do a full room tour post for you :-)
So.. to get started, the first thing is a really pretty white jug from Sainsburys which was in the home accessories sale for £5! It has a little heart on it which says ' 100 & Organic 1869 Lavender Floral Waters' which I think is so cute! I will use it as a vase and put some pink roses in there or maybe some fresh lavender.
The next thing I got was some thermal lined curtains (cosy!) from Dunelm which cost £39.99 and are from their Chinoiserie Collection which is so pretty! They are really good quality curtains and I love them :)
The next thing is also from Dunelm - A cream flower collection' bin which only cost £6.99 and is a great accessory to keep in the corner of your bedroom. They also have other products in their 'flower' collection and I think it would look great to have some of the other matching stuff too!
 Also I picked up some little pink candles from sainsburys which cost around £2 for 6. The heart candle holder in the middle is a 'frosted glass tea light' which cost £1.49 from Dunelm's classic elegance collection. The candles look really sweet on my dressing table and smell really subtle and lovely - I think the fragrance was called apple blossom.
Finally, the other day I went to Ikea and got  a tea light lantern which hangs from my clothes rail. It has cut out star detail which is really cute. I also got some fairy lights to go around my dressing table or bed frame. The lantern was only £2 and the fairy lights are £5 and the batteries to go with them are £1.50 from Ikea. You could even put the fairy lights inside the lantern for a different effect! I think both these things are great from Autumn as they make my room so much more cosy - I love Autumn!
I hope you enjoyed this haul and maybe gave you some inspiration for your own room. 
Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!

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