Jacket Haul!

In September I am hopefully going to be going in to sixth form to study for my A levels.  I'm hoping to do Business Studies, either art or Textiles and possibly sociology???
Anyway, It is the first time I wont have to wear school uniform; (THANK GOD) and just have a dress code instead. Yay!

I have started off with getting jackets so here are the 3 jackets that I have got for sixth form. My favourite one is the one from River Island which I got the other day for £40 and I absolutely love it. I got it in a size up from my usual as I like jackets to be a bit oversized and have room to with wear layers in the colder months. I love the way the sleeved are rolled up and the fit is really flattering.

The next jacket I got was from Sainsburys....What? Sainsburys? Yep.
OK so I was quite surprised to be buying a jacket in Sainsburys, (admittedly its not usually the most fashionable of places), BUT I saw this jacket and I thought I would try it on. It actually suited me really well and it is SO soft and comfortable.. at only £16 it was such a bargain too!

The final jacket is more of a woolly fabric and I got it in the sale at ASOS, so I don't think it is available any more, but I thought I'd show you it anyway! (You may be able to find something similar.) I got this 2 sizes up from my normal size as it was the only size available but at £16 I had to order it! Therefore it is quite oversized and can be worn as more of a coat-jacket in winter. It is also very soft and comfortable.

I now need to find blouses,shirts,skirts,trousers,dresses, and boots to go with all these jackets, so there will be a few more hauls and wish lists in the future!

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment to let me know what you think!


  1. All of them are cute but I'm obsessing over the river island one, I'm always trying to find a nice black coat! I'll definitely be popping in to river island for a look :)


  2. I did business studies and sociology in college, really enjoyed both but sociology gets really difficult at A2!

    Love all the jackets you've chosen :)


  3. <333333 lovely coat !

  4. OMG, the jacket form River Island!! Been looking for a jacket like that forever! Deffo getting one! Love it!


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