August Beauty Wish List

1) Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
I have wanted the a Naked Palette for AGES but I STILL haven't got one! I have decided that when I do decide to part with £37 (eek!) for this gorgeous palette, I would like the Naked Palette 2 as I prefer the colours to the Naked palette 1&3.

2) YSL: The Black Liner
I use eyeliner everyday and my Maybelline one doen't stay put as well as I'd like it to, so I think its worth investing in a good one! This YSL Eyeliner has 5 star reviews and I usually love YSL products so I'm excited to try this out. It is £25 which is quite expensive for an eyeliner but I have a £15 Debenhams voucher so I might be able to pick this up for a tenner!

3) YSL Rouge Volumpte Lipstick in Peach Passion
Here we have another YSL product. I have done a bit of research on which shade I like best and I think Peach Passion is lovely. I have heard great things about this lipstick but at £25 it's not cheap! Also, the packaging is beautiful.

4) MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl
I love the colour of this Mac Lipstick and I think £15.50 is a pretty good price. I like more nude tones for the lips and I think Shy Girl looks perfect.

5) The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Prowder in Fair 02.
I have wanted this for agesss!! This bronzer is known for being brilliant for pale skin like mine, so it sounds amazing. As it's matte I think it will be good for a bit of contouring. It costs £13 which isn't too bad, and The Body Shop often have loads of % off deals on.
What's on your wish list this month?


  1. I've got the Naked 2 Palette and it's great, you should definitely try it out! I also really want to get Mac's Shy Girl :) It would mean the world if you'd check out my beauty blog and follow:


  2. The packaging on the ysl lipstick is great, good choices

  3. I have also been holding back splurging on the Naked palette because of the price. And the YSL Lipstick shade is lovely !

    ~ Lu


  4. Love shy girl! You should definitely get it. Such a shame Mac's prices increased so much recently. Their lipsticks were only £14 until last year, I think. Now they are £15.50. Crazy!


  5. Lovely post I want that YSL lippie!

  6. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is amazing, you're going to love it!
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. I have actually ordered it so will do a blog post on it soon! x

  7. The NAKED 2 palette is a definitely 100% worth the money!
    I took the plunge back in February and I'm so glad I did.
    The coverage is fantastic and it's so easy to practise perfecting your look without wasting too much eye shadow! You also get a few free tester primers, which are amazing!
    If you do decide to spend the cash, I promise you you won't regret it :)

    1. Thanks for the advice! It sounds really great. I think it will be on my birthday wishlist :) xo


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