Top 10 Tips for starting your GCSE's

Today I have done a slightly different post to normal. I have just finished my GCSEs, and have been requested do to a post on giving some advice on doing your GCSEs, so I thought It would be nice to do a top 10 tips that I would recommend based on my own experience!
I took Art, Textiles, Business and French, and I did a post on results day: here

1. Choose subjects that you are good at and that you enjoy
If you are starting you GCSE's this September, It is likely that you have already chosen the subjects that you are going to do, but if you haven't, or are not 100% confident with the subjects that you have chosen already; my advice would be to choose the subjects that you most enjoy, and the ones that you are best at. Definitely don't feel pressured to take the 4 most difficult subjects that you think will look the most impressive on your CV if you know that in reality you wont be able to keep up with the work, and ultimately will struggle to get the GCSE!

2. Stay organised
Admittedly, I am really bad at this one, although I think it is very important! Make sure you have all the equipment and books you need - this will make life SO much easier! I would say that if it is possible, do Homework the day you get it. I always left homework to the last minute, which causes 10x more stress when you quickly try get it done the night before or even morning before it was due in. Also, things like making sure you keep an organised planner and packing your bag the night before can really make a big difference to how organised you feel.

3. Get some folders
This is something I never did, but wish someone had told me to do (I will be doing this for sixth form!)
Have some folders at home for each subject, where you can store notes. You could write notes on A4 paper about what you have learnt that week, and put it in the folder. This way when you go back to revise, you already have all your notes done!

4. Stay motivated
If I'm being honest, I found a lot of lessons really boring, (Maths,Science,French!) which was quite demotivating, meaning I would just sit in the lesson and wait for it to be over rather than actually paying attention! Oops. This meant that these were the exams I had to cram for at the end as I had no idea what was going on. (That's why it is so important to choose subjects you enjoy) If you try your best stay motivated in lessons it will really help when it comes to exam time. Also, make sure you stay motivated when doing coursework as this does count towards your GCSE and there's nothing more annoying than rushed coursework bringing down your result at the end of the two years!

5. Work Hard Play Hard
Always remember to give yourself a brake. For me there was a time when I was finding it difficult to cope with the amount of homework I had, and I forgot to just take a break. I got really really tired which only made things worse. If you are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work just stop for a minute, remember that GCSEs aren't the end of the world and do something not-work-related for a while!! For a lot of people, Year 10/11 are the best years of their school life so far.

6. Ask for help
Believe it or not most of the teachers are really willing to help if you are stuck with anything, so if you are, just ask! Especially towards the end when exams are getting closer.

7. Don't worry if you don't get the grades you really wanted
As long as you get onto the A level or collage course you want to get on, although important, remember that GCSE grades really aren't the end of the world! As long as you have tried your best, that's all that really matters. Even if you don't get on the course you wanted to, there is always other options.

8. Be sociable
You will probably have new classes with new people in, so try and be sociable and friendly to make as many friends as possible! Having great friends can really improve your GCSE years, but don't get distracted 24/7!

9. In year 11 use revision books
I didn't realise how helpful revision books are until I actually started using them. Make sure you get one with the right course that you are doing and it will have everything you need for the syllabus, so that you know the exam topics inside out.

10. Don't feel pressured to decide what career you want to do
I'm going into sixth form and I have still no idea what I want to do (ahh.) Of course, if you do know what you want to do it can help you pick the best subjects for that job. But, really don't let it be an extra thing to stress over - you still have loads of time and even if you do think you know, in two years you may completely change your mind. As long as you are doing things you enjoy you are on the right path!!

Bit of a different post to usual! - Let me know if you liked this post and found it helpful at all.


  1. Loved this post! I will diffidently get revision books, just needed to double check with teachers who my exam boards are and that! And of course folders, going to do stationary shopping in the coming days totally forgot! Thank you so much for the advise, will defiantly help me!I have been also been told to revise from the beginning of yr10 so I don't feel extra stressed x

    Thanks again Emily:)

  2. This was so helpful, I am definitely going to be doing some of these. I have actually had a bit of struggle with my choices and have really last minute tried to change one :S Thank you for posting this!!


    1. No problem - glad you found the post helpful!

  3. I am starting my GCSEs this year so I will definitiley br trying out these some of tese ideas!


  4. Definitely agree with all of these, it will be so helpful for those starting their GCSEs and A Levels this year

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