Autumn Nails: BarryM Nail Paint in Cappuccino

 As Autumn approaches and the leaves start changing colour, fashion takes inspiration from nature and warmer and deeper colours start appearing. 
BarryM Nail Paint in Cappuccino is a deep purple which is defiantly an autumnal colour, which I like a lot.
Despite the lovely colour, I think you defiantly need at least 2 coats to start making it look opaque. 
It retails at £2.99 at Superdrug which is quite cheap compared to high end nail varnish, but I don't think it is particularly hard wearing as it starts to chip easily after a few days.
Overall I am glad that I bought this as I really like the colour, although I don't think I would pay more than £3 for it.
Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I really like the colour of this! It looks like a purple-ish grey, is that how it actually looks like?
    Oh, and another thing how do you do that cloud thing on your photos!? Ive been wanting to know how to do it for MONTHS!!

    On a Bed of Flowers

    1. Yes that Is what it looks like, it's a really nice colour :)
      I edit the pictures with a site called Pic Monkey!

      Emily xx

    2. Okay, thank you. I've been on there, but I've never seen the feature, maybe I just haven't been looking properly haha xx

  2. This is such a lovely colour! I may have to get it at some point! Feel free to stop by my blog if you are interested!

    http://theperksofmeg.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  3. beautiful colour! Love the Barry M Nail Paint's. I just did a Review of the L'oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks on my blog, check it out and follow :)


  4. I was looking at this the other day, but now I have seen it on you I think I may be sold!


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