Ganier Micellar Cleansing Water: Worth the hype?

Well, yes! Here are 5 reasons why I believe that the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is worth the hype...

1) It removes make-up with ease - even water proof make up.
2) Good for sensitive skin - The water-like formula is so gentle and brilliant for sensitive skin. It really seems like it is just water.
3) Leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed and clean.
4) Pretty packaging - I really love the packaging of this and the cute, pink bottle lid.
5) Good value for money - I got this for £3.99 in boots, although it is usually £4.99. I think this is amazing value for money as the product actually works and 400ml is going to last a long time.
Please feel free to leave any thoughts inn the comments below!


YSL Babydoll Eyeliner Review

Recently I got a bonus points deal with Debenhams as I spent over a certain amount of £ at YSL, which meant that I had £15 to spend on my beauty card. I have been looking for the perfect eyeliner for a while now, and after seeing this one online and reading the reviews, I thought that I had to try it out. I wouldn't usually spend more that £10 on an eye-liner, but as I had a spare £15 on my beauty card I took the opportunity to invest in this cute little £25 liquid eye liner by Yves Saint Laurent.

At first when this arrived in the post I was a little confused as the packaging was different to the packaging pictured online - but everything else does seem the same as the product shown Debenhams website. Although I have to say - I do really this packaging. It is light, small and would be very easy to take around with you.

As for the product itself, with the first use I found it much more difficult to create a thin line and the perfect flick, than my humble £6 Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner pen. Alas, on the second attempt, I did manage to create a thin line with a 'cat eye' flick, which I quite liked. I think this will become much easier to use with practise, as I am usually used to using a pen eyeliner - which I think does give slightly more control.
As you can see from the swatch, It is very black and pigmented which is great, and it also dries really fast- another bonus!
What I was really looking for, was an eyeliner which didn't dry out after a few weeks (like my Maybelline one does) and one that will last longer throughout the day. I have had this less than a week, so I haven't put this to the test yet - but from other reviews hopefully this product will last longer than a few weeks! Also - It did last throughout the day. Yippee.
Overall, I do really like this product but I defiantly wouldn't pay £25 for it, as I think the Maybelline Master Precise pen for around just £6 is better value for money!
Has anyone found their holy grail eye liner yet!? Let me know in the comments below!



Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone from all around the world who have taken the time to read and follow my little beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog over the past few months. 
Today my blog has reached 100 followers on bloglovin' So, in celebration and to say a HUGE thank you, I am holding my first give away competition!

Available to win is a Foundation Brush by Topshop, which has a 'soft brush for the perfect application of foundation.' and is worth £8. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win, is enter using the form below.
This give away will be running for 1 month before the winner is chosen at random and announced here on this blog and also on my twitter account @LipstickOnT!
Good Luck!
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Top 10 Tips for starting your GCSE's

Today I have done a slightly different post to normal. I have just finished my GCSEs, and have been requested do to a post on giving some advice on doing your GCSEs, so I thought It would be nice to do a top 10 tips that I would recommend based on my own experience!
I took Art, Textiles, Business and French, and I did a post on results day: here

1. Choose subjects that you are good at and that you enjoy
If you are starting you GCSE's this September, It is likely that you have already chosen the subjects that you are going to do, but if you haven't, or are not 100% confident with the subjects that you have chosen already; my advice would be to choose the subjects that you most enjoy, and the ones that you are best at. Definitely don't feel pressured to take the 4 most difficult subjects that you think will look the most impressive on your CV if you know that in reality you wont be able to keep up with the work, and ultimately will struggle to get the GCSE!

2. Stay organised
Admittedly, I am really bad at this one, although I think it is very important! Make sure you have all the equipment and books you need - this will make life SO much easier! I would say that if it is possible, do Homework the day you get it. I always left homework to the last minute, which causes 10x more stress when you quickly try get it done the night before or even morning before it was due in. Also, things like making sure you keep an organised planner and packing your bag the night before can really make a big difference to how organised you feel.

3. Get some folders
This is something I never did, but wish someone had told me to do (I will be doing this for sixth form!)
Have some folders at home for each subject, where you can store notes. You could write notes on A4 paper about what you have learnt that week, and put it in the folder. This way when you go back to revise, you already have all your notes done!

4. Stay motivated
If I'm being honest, I found a lot of lessons really boring, (Maths,Science,French!) which was quite demotivating, meaning I would just sit in the lesson and wait for it to be over rather than actually paying attention! Oops. This meant that these were the exams I had to cram for at the end as I had no idea what was going on. (That's why it is so important to choose subjects you enjoy) If you try your best stay motivated in lessons it will really help when it comes to exam time. Also, make sure you stay motivated when doing coursework as this does count towards your GCSE and there's nothing more annoying than rushed coursework bringing down your result at the end of the two years!

5. Work Hard Play Hard
Always remember to give yourself a brake. For me there was a time when I was finding it difficult to cope with the amount of homework I had, and I forgot to just take a break. I got really really tired which only made things worse. If you are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work just stop for a minute, remember that GCSEs aren't the end of the world and do something not-work-related for a while!! For a lot of people, Year 10/11 are the best years of their school life so far.

6. Ask for help
Believe it or not most of the teachers are really willing to help if you are stuck with anything, so if you are, just ask! Especially towards the end when exams are getting closer.

7. Don't worry if you don't get the grades you really wanted
As long as you get onto the A level or collage course you want to get on, although important, remember that GCSE grades really aren't the end of the world! As long as you have tried your best, that's all that really matters. Even if you don't get on the course you wanted to, there is always other options.

8. Be sociable
You will probably have new classes with new people in, so try and be sociable and friendly to make as many friends as possible! Having great friends can really improve your GCSE years, but don't get distracted 24/7!

9. In year 11 use revision books
I didn't realise how helpful revision books are until I actually started using them. Make sure you get one with the right course that you are doing and it will have everything you need for the syllabus, so that you know the exam topics inside out.

10. Don't feel pressured to decide what career you want to do
I'm going into sixth form and I have still no idea what I want to do (ahh.) Of course, if you do know what you want to do it can help you pick the best subjects for that job. But, really don't let it be an extra thing to stress over - you still have loads of time and even if you do think you know, in two years you may completely change your mind. As long as you are doing things you enjoy you are on the right path!!

Bit of a different post to usual! - Let me know if you liked this post and found it helpful at all.


My Favourite Fragrances: A review

I love things that smell nice- but I usually find perfumes too strong for me and almost always too expensive! 
Today The Body Shop (my favourite!) Had a 'Buy One Get One Half Price' offer on. I've wanted to get a new fragrence for for ageees, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to go in and have a look!
The first one I got is the lovely Coconut Eau De Toilette, which has a creamy, tropical coconut scent. This is my all time favourite fragrance EVER- I absolutely love it. I even prefer it to any high end brand perfume. It reminds me of holidays and It is really light, natural and wearable - yet it lasts a very long time throughout the day. I also think the packaging is so cute.
The second one I got is the Satsuma Body Mist - which only cost me £3.75! Again this is up there with my favourite fragrances ever. To be honest; I love these two so much that I'd love to collect all of The Body Shop's fragrances!! Again, the scent is light and fresh, and it really does smell of satsumas, so it is defiantly citrussy. It lasts a few hours and at £7.50 for 100ml I think it is amazing value for money! Also, the bottle for this is really cute too!
What is your favourite fragrance?!



A day out shopping and sixth form haul

Yesterday I went shopping to look for sixth form clothes! 
Firstly I went in H&M and ended up getting a really pretty dress which was £12.99 (bargain!) and a black spotty shirt which was £14.99. I think the dress was my favourite thing that I got, and looks really nice with my River Island jacket which you can see Here!
Next I went to look in Lush and also The Body Shop. Although I wanted everything from both shops I was very good and didn't buy anything, but I did see a body shop lipstick that I really liked... 
I also went to Costa (again!!) before going into John Lewis, trying out some of the perfumes (Marc Jacobs, Chanel) and deciding to buy a really cute necklace which was reduced from £15 to £4.50! I also got a ZARA skirt from the online stock clearance sale, which was reduced from £36.99 to £9.99! I think goes really well with my new h&m shirt.

I still need some boots, a few more tops and a bag :-)


August's Fashion WishList Including A Range Of Sizes

Hi Everyone. Here is my August's Fashion Wishlist. These items come in a range of sizes so this post is relevant to everybody. Enjoy!

1) Casual/Skater Skirt
The first item of clothing on Augusts Wishlist is a Skater Skirt. I particularly like this Black Chelsea Girl Triangle Print Skirt from River Island. I love monochrome and the fact that this skirt has a retro feel about it. I think It would go with loads of different items and would look great in Autumn with thick black tights. It is available in uk sizes 6-16 and costs £20, which I think is a pretty good price!

2) Black Dress
I'm going into sixth form soon and now have a dress code instead of a uniform, therefore I'm allowed to wear dresses of my choice. Yippeee! I'm in love with this Black Cross Neck Skater Dress from Miss Selfridge which costs £45 and is available in sizes uk 6-14. If you are looking for something similar and you have a more curvy figure, I also love this really pretty Blouson Dress from OneStopPlus which ranges from US sizes 12-28 and would look great with formal or informal jackets.

3) Knitted Jumper
As the weather is beginning to get colder I really want a lovely warm jumper that I can wear with my black skinny Jeans. I've had my eye on this beautiful Clean Rib V Sweater in Camel from Topshop since it has been in the 'new in' section! I've had my old Topsop jumper for 3 YEARS! so I think it is defiantly time for an update!!! It is available in uk sizes 8-16 and costs £38. 

4) Heeled Chelsea Boots
I think Chelsea Boots are absolutely perfect for Autumn. I'm deperate for a pair of Vagabond Grace Heeled Chelsea Black Nubuck Boots. They are £80 in office, but I think they are good value for money as vagabond is known for it's comfort and quality. Definatly saving for these!!!

5) Back and White Striped Top
love love love monochrome stripes. I already have a striped crop top from H&M and a striped Bardot style dress from River Island. I think it's a really great pattern for Autumn as well. I really like this Striped low-cut Peplum style top from Zara which is in the Sale at £5.99. Bargain! This comes in sizes XS-M. I think Peplum styles are lovely and also are really flattering on curvy figures.

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave any thoughts below! What is on your fashion wishlist this month?


GCSE Results Day!

Today I picked up My GCSE Results, which were way better than I ever thought they would be, although I think I did work really hard for them. I'm not trying to brag in any way, but I feel as though I have been working for these for years and would like to share with you on my blog what I got as I find it really interesting seeing what other people got for their results. Overall I got 5 A's, 2 B's and 1 C.
I found GCSE's quite stressful towards the end as I did a lot of cramming before the exams.

I was actually really surprised at passing French with a C as I thought I had completely failed as I found French the most difficult subject. I was also really happy with my English as I didn't expect any more than a B. My favourite subjects were Art, Textiles and Business, so I think I did spend more time and effort on them. I was also realllllly pleased with a B in maths and science.

Overall , I  was really happy with all my results, so to celebrate, me and my friends went to Costa and bought cakes from M&S. I then had to go to an appointment with my school's sixth form centre to talk about my A Level options- and I have decided to study English, Business and Art!
Now I have 2 weeks to read 3 books, write chapter summaries, and create an art sketch book.
The work begins. Ahh.

I really hope everyone got the results they wanted and more!
Let me know if you have picked up your GCSE's today!


The Best Bronzer Ever?!

Here we have The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in Fair 02 Matte.
This has been a pretty raved about product, and you may have seen reviews on it before, so today I am going to write 6 reasons why I think this could be a contender for 'The Best Bronzer Ever!?' Status.

1) The colour:I got this in shade fair 02, which is really light without any orangeness - So it is just perfect for pale skin. I can't believe I'm not shade 01 for once! And, it goes all the way up to shade 04 for darker skin tones too.

2) It's Matte: Yep, It's matte without shimmer, so as well as an overall bronzer, it can be also used for contouring which is how I personally like to use it!

3) Long Lasting: It lasts hours before it needs to be reapplied, and applying it doesn't take long at all. No problems there.

4) Flawless finish: For the price , it isn't to disimilar to high end bronzers which cost WAY more. Result! 

5) The Packaging: I LOVE the packaging. Firstly, It comes with a really good mirror that is a great size. It is in a light plastic round container which is perfect for travelling and carrying around in your bag, so you can take the product and the mirror with you wherever you go! Also, the honeycomb print of the powder is so cute!

6) Cruelty Free: The Body Shop's products are cruelty free, which is pretty brilliant.

As you can see there are many reasons why I think this bronzer could possibly be 'The Best Bronzer Ever!'
Please feel free to leave any thoughts below. 


The Perfect Plait

I'm really loving plaits at the moment. I think they look so pretty; I especially like the side fish tail (Picture 3), back fishtail, (Picture 2) and 2 French plaits with a parting in the middle at the back (Picture 1).
They are fairly simple to do once you know how (and maybe with a bit of help, especially the back ones!) and can look really fashionable whilst easily updating your style. 
For the perfect plait you need long hair without too many layers. 
I am trying to grow my hair longer at the moment so I can do more interesting styles incorporating plaits like these!
I think some texture and volume spray would really help to create look 2 and 3.
Feel free to leave and thoughts below :)


August Beauty Wish List

1) Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
I have wanted the a Naked Palette for AGES but I STILL haven't got one! I have decided that when I do decide to part with £37 (eek!) for this gorgeous palette, I would like the Naked Palette 2 as I prefer the colours to the Naked palette 1&3.

2) YSL: The Black Liner
I use eyeliner everyday and my Maybelline one doen't stay put as well as I'd like it to, so I think its worth investing in a good one! This YSL Eyeliner has 5 star reviews and I usually love YSL products so I'm excited to try this out. It is £25 which is quite expensive for an eyeliner but I have a £15 Debenhams voucher so I might be able to pick this up for a tenner!

3) YSL Rouge Volumpte Lipstick in Peach Passion
Here we have another YSL product. I have done a bit of research on which shade I like best and I think Peach Passion is lovely. I have heard great things about this lipstick but at £25 it's not cheap! Also, the packaging is beautiful.

4) MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl
I love the colour of this Mac Lipstick and I think £15.50 is a pretty good price. I like more nude tones for the lips and I think Shy Girl looks perfect.

5) The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Prowder in Fair 02.
I have wanted this for agesss!! This bronzer is known for being brilliant for pale skin like mine, so it sounds amazing. As it's matte I think it will be good for a bit of contouring. It costs £13 which isn't too bad, and The Body Shop often have loads of % off deals on.
What's on your wish list this month?


Autumn Nails: BarryM Nail Paint in Cappuccino

 As Autumn approaches and the leaves start changing colour, fashion takes inspiration from nature and warmer and deeper colours start appearing. 
BarryM Nail Paint in Cappuccino is a deep purple which is defiantly an autumnal colour, which I like a lot.
Despite the lovely colour, I think you defiantly need at least 2 coats to start making it look opaque. 
It retails at £2.99 at Superdrug which is quite cheap compared to high end nail varnish, but I don't think it is particularly hard wearing as it starts to chip easily after a few days.
Overall I am glad that I bought this as I really like the colour, although I don't think I would pay more than £3 for it.
Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments below!


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturiser Review

As part of my morning and night daily skin routine I use the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Crème Complex hydratante moisturiser which claims to show a visible difference within 14-21 days of use, and be suitable for all skin types.
It is quite thick in texture but feels light on the skin, and doesn't leave any oiliness at all - yet is very moisturising leaving skin soft with a subtle glow. 
I have seen complaints about it not containing SPF-but if you read the small print it does in fact contain SPF 15. 
The packaging has a luxurious feel which looks lovely on the dressing table; but does make this product a little more difficult to travel with.
Overall I think that this moisturiser does leave a visible difference!
What is your favourite Moisturiser? 


6 of My Favourite Hair Styles

Here is 6 of my favourite Hair Styles. As you can probably tell from 5/6 of these..I love a good fringe! They are a great way to update your style and frame your face. So here is a brief description of each of these lovely hair styles:

1) I think the colour of this red hair is stunning and I love the length and the layers. It gives a relaxed look which is simply gorgeous.

2) Miranda Kerr looks amazing with dark brunette beachy waves and slight ombre.

3) A straight and long style with a fringe, light brunette hair and ombre is striking and looks amazing.

4) Alexa Chung is famous for her beautiful brunette medium-length wavy hair and long, relaxed/soft feminine fringe.

5) Jameela Jamil has princess-like shiny dark, long and voluminous hair with a fringe.

6) Taylor Swift looks stunning with her blonde wavy hair and full fringe which frames her face and accentuates her bone structure.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave any thoughts below!


Summer Lovin' Tag

Emily over at www.wiyld.blogspot.co.uk tagged me to do the Summer Lovin' Tag,

So here it is!


1. Summer lipstick you're loving?

I don't wear lipstick often, but I love my Dior Fluid Stick in Whisper Beige which is a lipstick/gloss.
I did a blog post on it here! It was my second ever post!

2. Summer nail polish you're loving?

I love corals and also black!

3. Bikini you're loving this summer?

One from Next pictured above! I love the Triangle Bikinis but I don't have one sigh..

4. Favourite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks?

I don't go in Starbucks often, but I can say that my favourite drink in Costa is the Toffee creamy cooler. I did a blog post on it here. I do like most coffee though!

5. Favourite fake tan?

I don't use fake tan!

6. Favourite summer song?

I can't choose just one! I love Ed Sheeran's album and I also like Oceans by Coast, Rude by Magic!, Somebody to you by The Vamps, Ghost by Ella Henderson!

7. Favourite summer accessory?

Sunglasses of course!

8. Favourite summer fragrance/perfume?

I like Beyonce Heat Rush, but I wouldn't say that it's my favourite. I don't have many perfumes as they are so expensive. I really want more though! I love tropical/fruity scents!

9. Summer book you're loving?
I don't read that often, even though I should! The last book I read was Spencer Matthew's autobiography which I really enjoyed as I'm a massive fan of Made In Chelsea! 

10. What are you most excited to do this summer?
Go on Holiday to Majorca which I have already done!

Let me know if you have done this tag and leave me a link below in the comments! All you have to do is answer the 10 questions!

I tag Elizabeth and Megan


Stationary: Mini Haul!

Today I got this Pencil Case and Notebook in Tesco for a fiver!
Everyone loves new stationary right? There's just something about it - a sense of much needed organisation I think! 
I just thought that this pencil case (£3) and Notebook (£2) were so cute that I had to buy them (and share them with you on my blog!)

I love the pastel colours and I have a feeling this is just the beginning of my collection...


Costa: My Favourite Drink

When I'm bored I often find myself in the local Costa with my friends... So I thought I would share with you what my favourite drink in Costa is! (It's AMAZING)
It is called a Sticky Toffee Creamy Cooler
' A rich dark toffee sauce blended with ice and milk with a cream topping and a futher drizzle of toffee sauce'

I have tried loads of the drinks in Costa but I always end up going back to this one! Don't even get me started on the mint mocha... (It was disgusting but at over £3 I drank it all anyway)
A small one of these with Semi Skimmed milk is just under 400 calories so I don't have them too often, although I want one right now!
What's your favourite drink at costa?


L'oreal Paris True Match Le Blush 125 Review

This compact blush cost £7.69 from Boots. It comes with a small mirror and brush. I prefer to use a bigger blush brush (as pictured) as I think they are much easier to use than the smaller ones.

I got it in the colour 125 Nude Pink which is a really lovely subtle nude pink colour, but it isn't very pigmented (which is fine for pale skin!) It has a slight shimmer too..
 I'd say It lasts a few hours before it needs to be re applied.

Overall I really like this blusher as I think the colour suits me as I don't like blushes to be too bright!
Feel free to leave a comment below!
 What is your favourite blusher?

Jacket Haul!

In September I am hopefully going to be going in to sixth form to study for my A levels.  I'm hoping to do Business Studies, either art or Textiles and possibly sociology???
Anyway, It is the first time I wont have to wear school uniform; (THANK GOD) and just have a dress code instead. Yay!

I have started off with getting jackets so here are the 3 jackets that I have got for sixth form. My favourite one is the one from River Island which I got the other day for £40 and I absolutely love it. I got it in a size up from my usual as I like jackets to be a bit oversized and have room to with wear layers in the colder months. I love the way the sleeved are rolled up and the fit is really flattering.

The next jacket I got was from Sainsburys....What? Sainsburys? Yep.
OK so I was quite surprised to be buying a jacket in Sainsburys, (admittedly its not usually the most fashionable of places), BUT I saw this jacket and I thought I would try it on. It actually suited me really well and it is SO soft and comfortable.. at only £16 it was such a bargain too!

The final jacket is more of a woolly fabric and I got it in the sale at ASOS, so I don't think it is available any more, but I thought I'd show you it anyway! (You may be able to find something similar.) I got this 2 sizes up from my normal size as it was the only size available but at £16 I had to order it! Therefore it is quite oversized and can be worn as more of a coat-jacket in winter. It is also very soft and comfortable.

I now need to find blouses,shirts,skirts,trousers,dresses, and boots to go with all these jackets, so there will be a few more hauls and wish lists in the future!

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment to let me know what you think!


Review: YSL Touche Eclat Foundation BR10

Today I am reviewing the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Foundation 30ml in BR10 which costs £30.50 from Debenhams. 
I had been doing a lot of research into which high end foundation I thought that I would like best before I bought the product, which is probably why my review is so positive!

YSL's Review of the product claims: 

Twenty years after the launch of the iconic Touche clat, Yves Saint Laurent adopts a leading edge technology that transposes the magic of this legendary highlighter into a foundation to achieve the same illuminating result for the entire face. Yves Saint Laurent introduces LE TEINT TOUCHE CLAT. A bold, unique formula to target shadowy areas and define contours. Infused within a weightless fluid, the light of Touche clat foundation targets shadowy areas and highlights the contours of the face. Free of opaque powders, its perfecting texture evens the complexion and helps conceal imperfections, while enhancing your skin's natural beauty.

Sounds pretty Impressive! So here is my review...

I got this in the colour BR10 which is the lightest shade available with a pink undertone. There are 22 shades all together which I think is pretty good.

This is a light coverage foundation as I think its main aim is to give light to the face, which it does by covering dark areas really well. I prefer light coverage foundations but if you prefer full coverage you might want to try a sample out before you buy! 

The Finish is lovely,glowing and silky. It is very light and feels like you have no make up on at all. It has a very natural look and feel. I can imagine that it looks even better with the Touche Eclat Highlighter Pen. In the picture I have applied it very lightly and as you can see it gives a lovely illuminating effect.

I have normal skin so I'm not sure how well this would work for oily skin, but the product lasts the majority of the day without powder. I haven't had this product long but there looks to be a lot of the product in the bottle too so I think at £30 is it good value for money.

I think the packaging is SO pretty and It has a pump! Yay! The sample on my hand is the amount that the pump dispenses. (Sorry about the black lines on my hand I have been testing out eyeliners lol)

  • I also got 1500 bonus points on my beauty card at Debenhams (which equates to £15 off) to spend next month as if you spend over £50 at YSL at the moment they are doing a special bonus points give away!

  • Overall I would defiantly recommend this to a friend

I hope this review was helpful. If you have any more questions about this product you can ask me in the comments below!



Review: The Body Shop Lip roll-on in Berry

As you can probably tell, I am a massive 'The Body Shop' fan and always have to go in and pick something up when I see a store!..
Today I picked up this 100% Natural Lip Roll-on which cost £4 in Berry.
So I basically love this product. ahh. I am always buying different lip balms to try and I can easily say this is one of my favourites.
The first thing I love about this is the fact that it has a roll on-metal ball for application. Its so easy to apply and it feels lovely, leaving lips soft and smooth.
The product is very moisturising and has a lovely feel to it, leaving a shiny, glossy appearance.
The berry taste is very light and not at all overpowering which is great as I think the taste of many lip balms is too overpowering.

Has anyone else used this product? What did you think?



Suki Waterhouse Style Inspiration

1. Blue Trench Coat -ASOS £84.00 2. Black Floppy Hat - Topshop £28 3. Pink Floppy Hat - Topshop £28 4. Blue Skater Skirt - ASOS £10.50 5. Black Pointed Toe Heels - Office £65.00 6. Zipped Bucket Bag - Zara £39.99

Suki Waterhouse is one of my favourite models with her gorgeous hair and face! I love her style and look so I have picked out some of her more autumnal outfits as the new season is starting to come in now. Her style is quite relaxed with Oversized trench coats and floppy hats - I love it! Here are some fashion items that are inspired by Suki's style.