Rimmel London Palette 024 Pinkadilly Circus Review

 Today In boots I picked up the Rimmel London Pinkadilly Circus Palette for £6.99 which has 5 colours which are all shimmer, which I liked the look of.
There is a dark brown (1), 2 highlight colours ( 3 & 4 ), a deep pink (5) and a lighter pink (2)! They aren't very pigmented but I think a primer would help bring the colours out. This palette is probably what you would expect from a drug store brand make up. They are good if you are on a budget but I think they don't compare to higher brand eye shadows so spending out more on brands like MAC or Urban Decay is much better value for money in the long run!
Despite this I think the colours are really pretty and I also really like the packaging, although it comes with a little sponge applicator that I wouldn't personally use to apply eye shadow.
Over all this palette is ok - but I think I would rather put £7 towards a higher brand eyeshadow :-)


  1. I like really pigmented eyeshadows but I guess you could build these colours up! I really like the colours :)

    Every Day In Grace

  2. I love the colours but it doesn't look too pigmented. I too would maybe save up a bit more and purchase one of the naked palettes. I have the naked 2 and the eyeshadows are amazing quality x


  3. I just nominated you to do the Top Ten Tag! Go on over to my blog and check it out :) it would be really cool if you did it x



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