3 reasons to love autumn

1. Nature!
I went for a jog the other day and couldn't help notice how pretty the sky looks on autumn evenings. As well as the sky looking particularly colourful, I love how the trees turn gorgeous shades of orange and red,; I love the smell of rain and even the darker evenings.

2. Candles!
I love candles , they create such a cosy atmosphere on a dark, cold evening. As well as this they look really pretty and smell amazing too. I got the candle pictured from Homebase for £4 and it has a 120 hour burning time. The scent its 'cinnamon spice' which smells amazing and is so autumny!

3. Fashion!
I love love love the fashion in Autumn, in fact it is my favourite season for fashion -  The big wool coats, the knitted jumpers, the woolly socks and ankle boots, the darker colours. Ahh I just love it! This picture was taken in Topshop, everything looks so lovely and cosy!

Leave a comment to let me know what your favourite thing about autumn is!


  1. I agree with all of these, I love getting all cosy and warm for Autumn. Hot chocolate would be on this list also!

  2. autumn is 100 % the best season for fashion! I love layering and how the style gets a bit more edgy, great post!


  3. Same! I totally love Autumn, its one season that I take the opportunity to take risks. The only downside to Autumn has to be the weather constantly raining but the sunsets and sunrise are gorgeous - love the picture!

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  4. Agree with all of these! Particularly Autumn Fashion, it's the best! x

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  5. ah! i agree! I love everything about autumn!



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