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I don't feel like I've posted enough fashion type stuff on my blog so far (mainly because I haven't got a great camera at the moment!) As fashion is my main interest I have decided to do a post on one of my favourite outfits this month, despite the lack of camera equipment! (sorry about the not-so-great quality instagram photo)
The Jumper, Skirt and Sunglasses are from H&M and the Boots are from River Island. The boots where £70 originally but I got them half price in the sale because the zip at the back was broken! Anyway, this is an outfit I have been loving this month. I love the mustard colour of the jumper and I think it only cost around £10! Cut out style ankle boots have been really popular and I think they are great, and I think the skirt from h&m is really cute. I have seen a few people wearing it, I think it only cost £6 which is a massive bargain!

I hope you liked this post, let me know what you think


  1. I like your choice of clothes and how you draw your eyeliner :) Anyway, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! it’s made my day *big smile* xx

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  2. Really cute outfit!


  3. You look amazing on the photo and I also like your outfit so much! xx


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